Ethics and the Apparel Industry

The news from the ISS isn’t as good as I’d hoped.¬†

In search of larger sizes, I recently went to the ISS in Long Beach.¬†The ISS is the largest trade show in the country for people who work in the imprinted apparel industry. At the ISS, I hoped to find a manufacturer that could create my designs in sizes for larger women. I get lots of emails requesting this and I take them all to heart.¬†Unfortunately, out of all the manufacturers at the show, only two made their garments in the United States. I spoke with one manufacturer whose factory is in India. They said they took great care with their workers and made sure they were treated well and worked in safe conditions. However, when I asked if I could visit the factory, they told me plainly, “no.”

I walked away then.

It is very important to me that our shirts are made with mindfulness toward the workers who manufacture them. To that end, all our shirts are designed, manufactured, printed and packaged in the United States. Because of this, they are a bit more expensive than shirts created in Thailand, China, India or Bangladesh.
This is important because more often than not workers in other countries are underpaid and overworked. Often they work in conditions that are unsafe. Some even lose their lives because of it.
That will never happen in the creation of Positivity Designs clothing.
I am still searching for a manufacturer that can create larger sizes for us. In the meantime, I hope you will consider carefully where your money is spent. I know times can be hard and buying United States made goods is more expensive, but it’s only that way because we’ve gotten used to cheap, foreign-made goods that are created without any consciousness for the well-being of the workers.
I am not completely opposed to making our shirts overseas as long as I can sit with the workers and talk with them. I would need to inspect the factory and make sure it is safe.
That may not be possible for some time. For now, please know that your shirts will continue to be 100% made in the United States.
My efforts to create larger sizes continue and I will keep you updated to their progress.

Until then, may gratitude, compassion, kindness and love go with you wherever you go.

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