Positivity Designs Founder wearing Love T-shirt and hugging dog

The Birth of Positivity Designs

Nineteen years ago I was misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder. It was a terrifying time with uncontrollable mood swings and physical changes that defied explanation. Frequently,  I would go through  depressions so debilitating I couldn’t get off the couch for weeks. I couldn’t take a shower or fix meals. It was bleak for a long time. But

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Wayne Dyer wearing Gratitude T-shirt

Wayne Dyer and the Circle of Positivity

Since Wayne Dyer’s beautiful FB post on Gratitude, and subsequently about Positivity Designs, I’ve gotten asked about our connection more than a few times. For anyone who doesn’t know my story, I spent many a month in bed unable to function. Much of that time, I was crushed by depression and fatigue. There was even

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Teacher wearing black Compassion T-shirt

Compassion in the Classroom

Compassion is the one thing I want to spread in the world. I believe it’s a necessity that often gets overlooked. As an English and Art teacher of pregnant and parenting teens, many of whom come from difficult situations, I know they need to be treated with compassion. When I got my Compassion t-shirt, I

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Man wearing black Compassion t-shirt

Ethics and the Apparel Industry

The news from the ISS isn’t as good as I’d hoped.  In search of larger sizes, I recently went to the ISS in Long Beach. The ISS is the largest trade show in the country for people who work in the imprinted apparel industry. At the ISS, I hoped to find a manufacturer that could create

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Women wearing black Kindness t-shirt

Jodi Low – Farmer’s Markets and Positivity

Jodi Low, Farmers Market Coordinator Santa Monica, CA Jodi is passionate about healthy food, sustainability and community building. “Farmers Markets are such positive places. Community members can experience a sense of belonging, connect with neighbors, farmers and artistic food crafters. These are the people who inspire healthy eating and living. I am grateful to be able

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