Kindness: A Divine Spark Of Love by Shaun Robert Grant

Kindness just may be the simplest yet most powerful act of love. I often ask myself how can I allow myself to be led by kindness in every area of my life. In the midst of all the events happening in the world today, one of the easiest, but still most impactful things to do is to be kind and compassionate to all people.

Kindness means being able to feel the energy of Oneness that connects everyone and everything in the universe. All it takes is an intention and a commitment to follow through on that intention. For a lot of us, kindness comes extremely easy. But for most it can be challenging. What I would like to do is show you simple, effective ways that kindness can be a part of your life and everyone you come into contact with.

The most important realization you can ever be aware of is that it’s inside you. It is a Divine spark of love that is awaiting to be ignited by the heart. That’s where we have to begin. We have to be kind to ourselves first. Our world is a mirror of our dominant thoughts, feelings and beliefs about ourselves. Self-kindness can only be developed through self-love. The measure of self-love we offer ourselves on a momentary basis throughout our lives dictates the level of kindness the world will receive from us. How are you loving yourself? How are you fueling that spark? A great idea would be this:

In the morning when you awaken and before you go to bed, go into your bathroom mirror and set a timer for three minutes. Look as deep into your eyes as you possibly can. What you will notice is that your eyes will begin to glimmer with light. This light represents all of humanity. Yes, not just all of humanity, but the whole universe is in you and is you! Once you see the light you will repeat this affirmation genuinely and lovingly:

“I love, appreciate and accept myself unconditionally.”

Notice what happens to your body and your feelings. What comes over you is the kindness that is inevitable when you express love for yourself and for the All that is. Once you have experienced this feeling, you may want to stew in it for longer than three minutes. This is completely fine. The longer you’re in this vibration the more you resonate with it. So, by all means, have a blast!

As you do this before bed and in the morning, you’ll discover that you feel almost divinely pulled to do kind things for yourself and others. This leads me into the next step in practicing kindness in the world. Remember how I said earlier that kindness is simple, yet powerful? Here’s a definitive reason why.

You make your way out into the world and there are people everywhere. How do you respond to them? Do you put your head down? Maybe look the other direction? Or do you avoid contact all together? Although it seems a bit awkward, it’s important to know where we stand when it comes to social interaction. Remember, everyone is just a mirror reflection of ourselves, but it’s up to us to decide what image we are going to place in front of that mirror.

My task for you is to smile at everyone that comes within five feet of you, your car or bike. Just smile. Don’t overthink it, but just think “kindness” as you smile to everyone you meet. Needless to say, this will ignite the opportunity for kindness to spread through the hearts of so many. Kindness is power. Why? Because kindness takes a moment to stop, be neutral, observe and ultimately always, always choose love. That is what really matters.

The last, but not least important of practicing kindness in your daily existence is this: Set an intention to include kindness in all that you do. When we decide to make this intention, we open ourselves to so much growth because, let’s face it, it’s not always easy to be kind, but it is expansive.

It allows us to rise above the duality that can throw us back and forth like a ragged doll, while placing us into the consciousness of complete acceptance. Here, there is total freedom and total peace. This is why I’m offering you a life transforming intention to integrate kindness into everything you are and do.

“It is my sincerest intention to offer unlimited kindness to the world in all that I do while accepting that same measure of kindness in return. Kindness circulates from my heart into the pool of Oneness that is the entire universe. In this kindness, total love, total freedom and total peace exists in me, now and forever…And so it is!”

Kindness is ultimately about uncovering our true Divine nature. The beauty is, as we uncover our own, we inspire the rest of the world to do the same. Much like a spark – a spark of Divine love that I like to call, kindness.

Shaun Robert Grant is a dynamic writer, entreperformer, and creator of the podcast Your Spirit, Your Business. When he is not discovering truth and sharing it in the lives of others, Shaun enjoys spending introspective time at his lake, traveling, and taking walks with his wife.

“Once you find the true treasure in your life, you need only embark upon that lifelong inner journey”.

  • Shaun Grant

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